The Summum Lodge  
the holiday of your dreams in Valais.

Fulfil your dream of a life in the Swiss Alps with a serviced apartment in Saas-Fee.

The project

The Summum Lodge combines modern design with centuries-old traditional Walser architecture. Inspired by typical Valais barns (Walser mountain barns), the cosy chalet-style apartments invite you to rest-and relax. Only the finest and highest quality materials have been selected.



What makes Summum Lodge so unique?

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100% climate neutral

At Summum Lodge a mindful approach to the environment is fundamental. Our deep appreciation of nature is reflected in our approach to completely carbon neutral accommodation.

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Summum Lodge seamlessly blends Saas-Fee's traditional alpine charm with modern luxury design, which can be experienced in every detail of the design of the building.

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Snow reliability

Experience the ultimate winter wonderland in Saas-Fee! Known for its stunning high altitude and reliable snow, Saas-Fee is the perfect destination for skiers and snowboarders alike.

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Saas-Fee is an absolutely stunning location that will take your breath away! Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, this charming village is surrounded by picturesque scenery and offers endless opportunities for adventure and exploration.

How does it work?

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    Everyone is welcome to invest in Summum Lodge, Swiss and international people, which is quite unique in Switzerland.

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    Ready to find your dream apartment in Saas-Fee? Look no further and select from various options to find the perfect apartment that matches your desires.

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    Investing in the Summum Lodge project is a smart move, as it generates positive returns. With its income pool split equally among investors, you can trust that your investment will be both profitable and fair.

    Investing in the Summum Lodge project is a smart move.

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    You can easily request a non-binding pre-reservation at Summum Lodge, so why not take the first step towards an unforgettable experience?




Apartments at Summum Lodge


Sales prices from CHF 895.000


At Summum Lodge, you can do more than just rent a vacation apartment for a day - you can also become the owner of one!

Our serviced apartments offer you the perfect combination of sporty adventure, alpine joy and the strengthening of both, body and mind. Experience the best the Swiss Alps have to offer in this alpine-chic, cozy, chalet-style mountain retreat.


Summum Lodge offers you an opportunity to purchase a 'serviced apartment' on a 'buy to use & let' basis.

In this brochure we tell you more about this concept.

Room programme

Typ 1,5 - 2 Persons (40,6 m2) = 2 apartments

Typ 2,5 - 2 Persons (43,8 bis 60,3 m2) = 9 apartments

Typ 3,5 - 4 Persons (62,8 bis 111,5 m2) = 25 apartments

Typ 4,5 - 6 Persons (86,2 bis 103,8 m2) = 8 apartments


Including 3 Wellness-apartments & 5 wheelchair accessible apartments

Gastronomy at Summum Lodge


restaurant - ca 65 seats 

bar/lounge - ca 65 seats 

outdoor terrace - ca 60 seats

Summum Lodge offers an all-day gastronomy concept; breakfast, coffee and cake, lunch, high tea, après ski, dinner, candle light snacks, etc.. available in the restaurant, the lounge, the bar, at the terrace or in your apartment.

Of course all dietary requirements can be respected; not only in the restaurant, but also when stocking the fridge in your apartment.


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Wellness at 

Summum Lodge


The wellness area will be divided into separate, unique units so that you can choose which type you prefer, in optimal privacy.

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What's in it for you? 

Are you looking for a vacation home that also generates income? Consider purchasing a fully furnished apartment, complete with amenities and services! You can use the apartment for your own vacations and have it rented out while you're away, earning a good return on your investment.

Have your own vacation apartment in Saas-Fee

Sit back and relax; enjoy the joy, not the burden, of having an apartment


Let your holiday apartment pay for itself

Through pooling your apartment always generates a healthy return on investment


5* professional concierge service and management

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Would you like to take a look at our apartments? Take a look at our plans!




The Summum Lodge offers a wide range of services. 



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Transfer and concierge service

For 360° service, around the clock.


Spa and wellness

Relaxation on over 350 m2. Private wellness units with facilities of your choice



Restaurant, bar and lounge

Regionally sourced culinary delights and exquisite drinks




Appointment bookings, keyless entry, digital guest communications and innovative smart home techniques.


Sportivity offer

Enjoy a range of seasonal activities using our facilitated sports and touring equipment, including skilockers (in-house and at the piste), skirooms and an (electric) mountain bike cellar.



Summum owner benefits

Attractive additional services and discounts for apartment owners.



Background & Vision

"Summum" means as much as "to the highest perfection / to the highest point / peak, height". And that is exactly what you will experience at Summum Lodge. Sports-minded guests stay active with workout rooms, cross-fit studio, swimming pool and other elements, while those seeking tranquility find peace and relaxation in the spacious wellness and spa area. The focus is on health and personal well-being.


The best of the best, but not too much of anything. We take care of the most valuable thing at Summum Lodge: your time.
We let you live high and do everything to make every stay an enriching experience for body, mind and soul. To this end, we are redefining luxury: no excess, but enough space and time for real experiences. 


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The foundation stone for Summum Lodge was laid in 2019 with the aim of developing a hideaway in the Valais Alps that offers guests a place of mindfulness.



2019 - Project start

The ownership starts developing the idea of the "Summum Lodge" on the Obergüet site in Saas-Fee.


5 July 2022 - Opinion of the SGH 

Confirmation and approval of the business plan by the "Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Hotelkredit" and start of the detailed conceptual design and the search for investors.

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22 December 2022 - Building application submitted to Municipality

After a positive review by the building committee, the municipality forwarded the application to the cantonal authorities on March 24, 2023.


4 December 2023 - Granting of building permit

Fulfillment of all conditions and receipt of the building permit for the Summum Lodge.


Autumn 2024 - Start building activities (planned)

Planned start of the building activities for Summum Lodge


Spring 2027 - Opening of Summum Lodge (planned)

The Summum Lodge will be ceremonially opened and put into operation.



Where to find Summum Lodge?

Summum Lodge is located in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. The Summum Lodge offers the best views over Saas-Fee and the surrounding imposing mountain peaks.



You're just 700 meters away from the slopes!

Enjoy convenient and seamless travel to the resort, with a private e-shuttle service and a bus line passing by every 15 minutes.

Do you want to know more about the venue and its surroundings? Our brochure with all relevant information and specifications is now available for download!

Snow reliability in Saas-Fee

The 100-day rule is critical for ski resorts' economic viability, according to research by the University of Zurich. The rule states that resorts need at least 100 opening days to be profitable. The Optimal Ski Day (OSD) factor further refines this rule. The University of Munich found that with 30 OSDs, profitability can be achieved after 62 days, and with 15 OSDs, after 75 days.

While the survival of many resorts is seriously threatened by global warming, places like Saas-Fee with its much higher altitude village and ski slopes are still largely protected from these risks. This secures the future of Saas-Fee and thus of a resort like the Summum Lodge for a long time (University of Munich - The Optimal Skiing Day).

Saas-Fee is one of the few resorts worldwide where summer skiing is guaranteed, which makes it a perfect place for professional ski- and snowboard teams as well as for tourists.

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Summum Lodge & the Saaser Mutten

Summum Lodge has adopted the rare, local "Saaser Mutten" as its mascot. 

A native breed of sheep with unique characteristics. Large, strong, supple in steep terrain, with a pronounced ram nose, without horns, but with beautiful long ears. The breed was almost extinct, but thanks to the active intervention of a number of breeders supported by Pro Specie Rara Foundation, the breed was saved. The number of animals is growing again. Together with Pro Specie Rara, Summum Lodge is developing various concepts to familiarise its guests with the sheep and the breeding program. The elaboration is constantly being developed. For this reason, we have taken the artistic liberty to show the "Saaser Mutten" as the main characters in our teaser films in order to draw attention to the special breed that is worth protecting.

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